Corey Baker presents Antarctica: The First Dance


To celebrate 2018 International Earth Day, the talented New Zealander Corey Baker (picture below) created a dance choreography and filmed it. What makes it super special is the fact that it is filmed in Antarctica. Corey is an international award-winning New Zealand choreographer and dancer. Born and raised in Christchurch, Corey's career has taken him to Australia, Switzerland, and the UK where Corey is currently located and celebrated. 

After two years of careful planning, he traveled to the Ice in January. He was accompanied by dancer Madeleine Graham from Royal New Zealand Ballet and director of photography Jacob Bryant. Baker, Graham and Bryant danced and filmed in temperatures ranging from -2.4 to -16 degrees celcius, trekking to locations by day, and camping by night.

A note from Corey:

“It’s an immense privilege and mind-blowing experience to create and film a dance on Antarctica which will I hope bring people a little bit closer to understanding this unfathomable place, showing it off in a way that has never been done before. It is a world first; we have made history with this project, which is incredible. I am passionate about three things: making dance for spaces that are NOT theatres; campaigning for climate justice; and now Antarctica, which, as a New Zealander myself, has always been a magical and somewhat mystical place to me”.

Just like us Corey is an active ambassador of Antarctica. By creating this video and going on expeditions, together we hope to create awareness and make us all ambassadors of Antarctica. Find the full video here

Corey Baker


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