Dean Miller: The Wild Ones: Edge of Nowhere


About the Documentary

Macquarie Island was escribed by the great Australian Explorer Sir Douglas Mawson “as one of the wonder spots of the world” – this island easily lives up to that reputation.  It’s proximity to the convergence means there is a large population of birds, including four species of penguin – Kings, Royals, Gentoos and the endemic Royal; and seals, including Elephant Seals and three species of Fur Seals.

For those of you that travelled with Dean Miller, the Camera man on our ship in the Southern Ocean and the Russian Far East, this follows his filming whilst on board, Spirit of Enderby.

Dean is a scientist and marine biologist and dedicated twelve months of his life living on the island to study and document the return of the Antarctic fur seals from the brink of extinction. Armed with a High Definition camera, Dean set out to observe and document every type of seal, every type of penguin, killer whales and every marine bird you can think of, and in the process captured the unique stories of each of these creatures and the wild island that they call home. It is a wild, colourful and rich story; it is the Edge of Nowhere.

Category: Subantarctic Islands
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