Enderby Trust Scholarship Opportunity to Subantarctic and Antarctica


Enderby Trust works in conjunction with Heritage Expeditions to offer scholarship positions for 18-30 year olds to join expeditions to the Subantarctic Islands and Antarctica aboard the Spirit of Enderby. 

Enderby Trust was founded by the Russ Family knowing the opportunities for young people to visit these regions are limited but believing it is vitally important that young people experience this amazing region.

The Trustee’s hope scholarship participants will share their experiences and enthusiasm with other people and grow the awareness of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. Each expedition is accompanied by a team of naturalists and biologists to enhance the learning possibilities.

Find out more about the appliction process and the Enderby Trust using the link below.

Pleas note, closing date for applications is Monday 17 October 2016.


©K.Riedel Campbell Island

Photo credit: K.Riedel

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