Forest & Bird Conservation Expedition to New Zealand's Subantarctic Islands


Forest & Bird Conservation Expedition to New Zealand's Subantarctic Islands just announced - December 2015.


Heritage Expeditions has been longtime supporters of Forest & Bird, sponsoring the charity’s annual Bird of the Year competition. This summer, we are enabling Forest & Bird members and supporters the very special opportunity to travel to New Zealand’s rarely visited Subantarctic Islands.
Found in the Southern Ocean, these islands are untouched havens for some of the most unique wildlife in the world. The surrounding ocean provides a rich habitat for seabirds, marine mammals and a wide variety of fish species. On land, you will find towering mega-herbs and chattering penguin colonies.
Forest & Bird’s Kimberley Collins was lucky enough to visit these islands as an Enderby Trust Youth Scholar in 2009 (applications now open for this season) and says she will never forget the experience.
“On Campbell Island, I experienced the flowering of magnificent mega-herbs, and watched Southern Royal albatross fly in after spending many months at sea.
“Visiting Enderby Island, I sat and watched the largest remaining colony of our endangered sea lion. As a pup was born in front of me, I remember thinking it was like being in the middle of a wildlife documentary – only better. It was an experience I will never forget – and one I encourage you to try for yourself!”
Explore the New Zealand Subantarctic Islands this December with Heritage Expeditions alongside a representative from Forest & Bird. Mention Forest & Bird and you’ll be eligible for our discounted NZD prices. You will also be helping the charity to save and protect our wonderful marine environment as a portion of the profits go towards their valuable conservation work.
This expedition is limited to just 50 passengers so don't delay - contact us today!

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