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Ice Floes to Volcanoes - Polar Bears, Brown Bears & more

Join us for the Ultimate Bear Watching Expedition in the Russian Far East this year. Combine our ever popular Across the Top of the World 29 August departure to Wrangel Island with Jewel of the Russian Far East and you'll save 5%. 

Travel north to the wildlife haven of Wrangel Island, where powerful Polar Bears roam the immense landscape that has remained virtually untouched for thousands of years. Choose to journey across the interior of the island,  searching for snowy owls, arctic foxes and polar bears that call the rolling tundra home.  Alternatively, navigate the coastline where walrus haul-outs buzz with activity and opportunistic Polar Bears patrol stony beaches searching for a meal.

We'll then begin our voyage south, exploring the Chukotka coastline and being warmly welcomed in local villages. We'll weave our way in and out of the spectacular fjords of the Koryak Coast, before cruising the Kamchatka coastline on the look out for Kamchatka Bears as they amble across the landscapes of mountains painted in vibrant colours. We'll stop off at the Commander Islands before exploring the Zhupanova River, where Steller's Sea Eagles swoop low to keep a keen eye on our Zodiacs.

Book now and save 5% on this 28 day adventure like no other. 


Reports from the field 

The polar bear encounters were something you would wait a lifetime to have. There is no doubt that up close their habits are fascinating, and we were so grateful for the sensitive method of approaching these beautiful creatures when advisable and giving them a wide berth (for their sakes) when not. We also appreciated the contact with the Chukchi people and their hospitality and entertainment. Then there were the snowy owls, snow geese, the myriad of shearwaters feeding in a sea full of whales, not to mention the walrus, seals and the tundra itself.

- Paul and Jacquie, travelled to Wrangel Island 2015.

Personal highlights were Walrus(es), Brown Bear encounters, a fly-by Short-tailed Albatross, meeting many new people, and two visits to Russian Orthodox churches. "

- Jim, USA, Jewel of the Russian Far East previous traveller


Bitten by the Polar Bug? 

You may have seen the spectacular sights of the Arctic, or experienced the Antarctic Peninsula from South America. Perhaps the last great polar expedition awaits, a 30 day odyssey to the heart of polar history and the most remarkable  ecosystem on the planet, the Ross Sea. Next season, we are doubling our capacity on Antarctic voyages and will be offering four departures to the Ross Sea. You'll be accompanied by a team of experts including Antarctic historians and naturalists who will provide interpretation on every step of the journey.  Don't miss this opportunity to cross the Antarctic Circle and explore the Ross Sea, an environment like no other on earth.


Heritage Expeditions Breaks Polar Record

On the 16th of February 2016, 50 excited expeditioners were on board to witness the breaking of a polar record as our ship ventured the furthest south of any vessel. Read more or watch the TV news article here. We look forward to heading back to this part of the Ross Ice Shelf next year on our voyage to commemorate the polar achievements  of Amundsen, Scott and Ross - just a few cabins remain! 


Wrangel Island 101 Guide 

Well known travel writer Sherry Ott spends her time travelling to some of the most remote and fascinating parts of the planet. Last year, Sherry joined us on our Across the Top of the World voyage to Wrangel Island. Read her guide to Wrangel Island, a superb introduction to the history, wildlife and botany of one of the most intriguing islands in the world. 


Russian Guides Available 

We have now published two guides to the Russian Far East - Essential Information and a Guide to Pre and Post Voyage Options. These are both available on request - contact us today if you are considering a Russian expedition and would like more information. 



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