Heritage Expeditions features in 'The Moscow Times'


The Moscow Times recently published an article on Heritage Expeditions voyages into the remote region of the Russian Far East.  With a sense of adventure and exploration in arguably the most isolated destinations on our planet, the article outlines the voyages led by company founder Rodney Russ's into the Russian Arctic over the last decade.   

With a selection of expeditions to choose from, all interests are catered for from flora, fauna and culture.  In 2015, the Heritage Expeditions 'Across the Top of the World: Wrangel Island' voyage on the ice-strengthened ship Spirit of Enderby/Professor Kromov was announced as one of the 'Top 50' guided expeditions in the world by National Geographic's Traveler Magazine.  View the range of Russian Far East expeditions on the Heritage Expeditions website by clicking here.

Read the full article in The Moscow Times here.



Photo credit: S.Gutowksy



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