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24th March 2011

I would like to start by saying we are extremely thankful to report that our Christchurch staff and their families remain safe and healthy. Also everyone is now back at their desk with email and telephones ringing in the head office. Christchurch, our hometown and base of operations, has had a very difficult time these past few weeks but there is plenty of good news to relay.


Rodney Russ - Founder & Expedition Leader

Antarctic House

Heritage News
'Spirit of Enderby' in Drydock
Our ship has gone into drydock just outside of Christchurch at the port of Lyttleton for her annual safety inspections and several additional aesthetic upgrades. This work includes upgrades to the dining rooms and a new breakfast bar installation, a complete refit of the laundry room, refurbishment of the crew quarters and upgrade to all 400 and 500 level ensuite facilities. We will also have a new paint job topsides as well as the ship’s hull which will result in a spit-shined Royal Blue Heritage ship sailing from Christchurch to the Chatham Islands on March 28th. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Starks Engineering of Lyttleton, New Zealand for their high quality workmanship, keeping the 'Spirit of Enderby' in top performing condition and ready for another safe, successful season ahead.
  Spirit of Enderdy in drydock

Highly Successful 2010-2011 Antarctic Season Completed When our Expedition vessel 'Spirit of Enderby' docked in Lyttelton on Friday 11th March 2011, it marked the end of a very successful Heritage Expeditions Antarctic Season. In December we sailed 'In the Footsteps of Douglas Mawson' to Commonwealth Bay. Upon arrival we encountered heavy ice conditions as a result of the Mertz Glacier break up, the silver lining being the excellent ice and wildlife experiences the extraordinary flows provided. The weather for the two days ashore at Cape Dennison and Mawson’s Hut was the best ever with blue skies and flat calm seas.

Our January 'Ross Sea' Expedition departed from Dunedin, in celebration of the centennial of Robert Falcon Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition. Sailing with us were a number of direct descendants of the Scott Party members; many of these guests spoke of their own unique family history and brought private diaries and photographs made during the Terra Nova expedition which added tremendously to the onboard experience.

The weather this summer precipitated the biggest “breakout” of fast ice in and around McMurdo and Scott Base in over a decade. Not only was there unrestricted sea access to all the historic huts, we were also able to proceed south of Scott Base. On a sad note, in February, our Ross Sea Expedition also assisted NZ Search and Rescue to look for the lost yacht 'Bersek' which had sent a distress call out in the Ross Sea. The yacht with three crew members is now presumed lost at sea. A reminder to all of us how fragile life can be and serves to reinforce our resolve to maintain the high level of ship maintenance and safety capabilities aboard the 'Spirit of Enderby'.
  Spirit of Enderby at McMurdo Station

Spirit of Enderby in Antarctica

Heritage Expeditions unique Antarctic hovercrafts

Special Group Rate on Flights to Russia Heritage Expeditions is pleased to announce to our many passengers with berths reserved as well as those that may be planning to sail with us to the Russian Arctic this year, that we have been able to negotiate a group rate with our Russian airline partner for flights to and from Anadyr from Moscow, Russia. The Heritage Expeditions group rate is on a first come first served basis and only available by booking through your agent or our Heritage Expedition office in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Across the Top of the World:
#1128 Anadyr to Anadyr - 27 July to 10 August 2011
  • Depart Moscow: 26 July 1850hr 
  • Arrive Anadyr: 27 July 1400hr
  • Depart Anadyr: 10 August 1600hr  
  • Arrive Moscow: 10 August 1825hr
#1130 Anadyr to Anadyr - 10 to 24 August 2011
  • Depart Moscow: 9 August 1850hr 
  • Arrive Anadyr: 10 August 1400hr
  • Depart Anadyr: 24 August 1600hr  
  • Arrive Moscow: 24 August 1825hr
#1132 Anadyr to Anadyr - 24 August to 7 September 2011
  • Depart Moscow: 23 August 1850hr 
  • Arrive Anadyr: 24 August 1400hr
  • Depart Anadyr: 7 September 1600hr 
  • Arrive Moscow: 7 September 1825hr
Jewel of the Russian Far East:
#1134 Anadyr to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - 7 to 25 Sept 2011
  • Depart Moscow: 6 September 1850hr 
  • Arrive Anadyr: 7 September 1400hr
You will be departing and arriving into Moscow’s domestic Airport Vnukovo (VKO) Flight Time is 10:25min with 1 stop.  The cost of the return flight for 'Across the Top of the World' is US$1,275 per person and a one way ticket for 'Jewel of the Russian Far East' is US$690 per person.
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Across the Top of the World Optional Excursion

In co-operation with the Wrangel Island Nature Reserve we are excited to offer a very special Overland Expedition through the heart of this incredible landscape.

This wilderness venture is exclusive to Heritage Expeditions passengers, has never been attempted before and presents you with the chance to explore where only a handful of scientists have been privileged to travel. Offered to members of our 'Across The Top Of The World’ expedition, this is a 150km traverse over 3 days into the most magnificent frozen wilderness you can imagine. Travel is by 6 wheel All Terrain Vehicle and there will be 2 trips per voyage: one southbound and one northbound between Rodgers Inlet and Dream Head.

Sailing around the island you make expedition landings at historical sites and secret bays bursting with wildlife, but traversing right through the centre has not been possible until now. Imagine the silence at the centre of an island forgotten by the rest of the world, seeing Snow Geese nesting close by Snowy Owls to give protection from the Arctic Foxes. And passing over the tundra in the company of Musk Ox and reindeer as wildflower and yellow poppies blooms blanket the grasses. Pack your camera and your sense of daring for a true once in a lifetime adventure.

Cost per person: US$1,250.

Price Includes: transport, accommodation (basic field huts) and food. This is in addition to the cost of the cruise. Each overland expedition is strictly limited to 5 persons and positions will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  

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Wrangel Island overland map


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