Exclusive opportunity to explore Wrangel Island's interior


Wrangel Island Vista


Expedition cruising pioneer Heritage Expeditions has been running expeditions to Russia’s Wrangel Island since 2007. Near the top of the world, 140 km off the northeast coast of Siberia lies Wrangel Island. Untouched by glaciers during the last Ice Age and looking much as it did when woolly mammoths roamed the land, Wrangel Island is today best known for its population of denning polar bears. 

Heritage Expeditions ‘Across the Top of the World’ voyages opened up new opportunities for travellers to explore this treasure trove of Arctic diversity which was previously only available to a few select Russian scientists. 

We are now offering 5 adventurous expeditioners the ability to spend 10 days on Wrangel Island exploring this unique World Heritage Nature Reserve with local rangers and researchers. Travel by special tundra buggy, camp in field huts and enjoy wildlife encounters and photographic opportunities that most professionals only dream about. 

Earning rave reviews from the expeditioners who experienced the unbelievable wildlife and wilderness photographic opportunities in 2014, the High Arctic Experience is back. Expeditioners will travel to the island on Heritage Expeditions’ first Across the Top of the World expedition before waving the ship goodbye and spending a week and a half exploring the interior of the island, before returning to the Spirit of Enderby and the port of embarkation, Anadyr. 

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