Historic Sub Antarctic Islands and Ross Sea Expedition




On 9 February 2018 guests from around the globe gathered for what was to be a historical expedition to the Sub Antarctic Islands and the Ross Sea Region of Antarctica for Heritage Expeditions. In true exploration style Spirit of Enderby departed Bluff for Antarctica with 50 passengers who had signed up for a journey of adventure. But why was this expedition any different to others from past seasons?

This ‘Wake of Scott & Shackleton’ expedition was to be the last voyage lead by Heritage Expeditions owner, pioneer, founder, expedition leader and explorer Rodney Russ.

Experts in history, ornithology and marine mammals from around the globe joined Rodney on his final voyage before he steps aside from the company, leaving his sons to continue the business and legacy that was created in 1985. Also on board was Peter (Spider) Anderson an Artist from Brisbane, his painting subject matter focuses on ocean, island and wilderness locations. Spider has travelled with Heritage Expeditions on a number of voyages in the northern and southern hemisphere sketching and later recreating some of the most stunning artwork from his adventures. During this 30 day expedition Spider used his amazing artistic skills to document the crossing and memories from Rodney’s final voyage, signed by Rodney this drawing will be treasured as a record of this important event in Heritage Expeditions history.

Spider's map from this expedition is available through the link at the bottom of this page.


Peter Anderson - Artist

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