Introducing Strannik Ocean Voyages


Rodney Russ, Founder and Senior Expedition Leader of Heritage Expeditions has passed the baton to the next generation. It is with great pride that his two sons, Aaron and Nathan Russ, are carrying on the Russ legacy  and they look forward to expand on work of the company to date.  Both Aaron and Nathan have been involved in expedition cruising from an early age, with a long apprenticeship starting behind the bar to Zodiac driving, guiding and expedition leading. They look forward to sharing their enthusiasm and expertise for expedition cruising and the wild destinations that Heritage Expeditions explores.


                                                                                        Strannik Expeditions

Introducing our new partner, Rodney's Strannik Ocean Voyages. Rodney Russ is going exploring on his custom designed and built expedition vessel MV Strannik and he invites you to join him! More information is coming soon, or visit


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