Karluk Expedition set sail 100 years ago - Author to join commemorative voyage


"Happy 100th anniversary to the men, woman, and children of the 1913 Canadian Arctic Expedition, who set sail 100 years ago today in search of the great unknown."    ~ Jennifer Niven 14 July 2013

The Karluk departed Alaska 100 years ago on an ambitious expedition.  The ship with 31 crew members became trapped in ice, the ship succumbed to the ice, and this set off a year-long ordeal for those marooned.  Bartlett, the ship captain, left the ship in a controversial move, and the remaining crew set across the ice facing starvation and extreme cold.    

Read more about the Karluk (from a CNN article) and see images from the voyage - Click here

Author Jennifer Niven researched the Karluk expedition fastidiously, and faithfully recounts the story in the book 'The Ice Master' that details the experiences of those aboard.  

Niven will be joining a commemorative Heritage Expeditions voyage in August 2014 to the region, including Wrangel Island were many of those from the shipwreck were marooned.  Her knowledge and expertise will be shared during the expedition, and will no doubt enhance the expedition.  Find out more about the voyage here:  Across the Top of the World 8 August 2014.  Bookings are now open.

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