Mawson’s Hut – The Adventure Continues


Mawson’s Hut – The Adventure Continues

Sir Douglas Mawson was a great leader who is known for his tenacity, resilience and strength.  In December of this year, we will follow once again in the courageous footsteps of the grandfather of Antarctic Science.  Our 2017 expedition came within 0.4 of a nautical mile of Mawson’s hut. This year we will draw on Mawson’s spirit of adventure and head south again, determined to reach the hut that was just out of grasp last year due to excessive ice conditions.  Itinerary amendments have been made to maximise our chances of success, we are departing five days earlier than last year, and have extended our itinerary to 28 days in order to increase our chances of reaching the Hut.

-    Extended itinerary to include extra days in Commonwealth Bay
-    Earlier departure date, providing the greatest chance of reaching Mawson’s Hut.
-    Departs from Hobart
-    Two days in Australia’s icy outback, Macquarie Island.
-    Explore the New Zealand Subantarctic Islands
-    Nine Days in Commonwealth Bay and surrounding area
-    Potential to visit Dumont D’Urville Research base
-   Antarctic wildlife abounds – whales, seals, Adelie Penguins and even Emperor Penguins call East Antarctica home

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