National Geographic: Wrangel Island article and Sergey Gorshkov's images


The May 2013 issue of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine has just been released, and inside is an article, map and images of Wrangel Island.  Sergey Gorshkov's stunning wildlife images are showcased in the issue.  Sergey is an award-winning photographer and regular passenger with us in Far East Russia. 

Wrangel Island is an incredible arctic island and "just might be the Galapagos of the far north" according to the National Geographic writer.  

Find out more about our 'Across the Top of the World' voyages to Wrangel Island here.

For our RUSSIAN-speaking friends and followers, click here to be taken to an online article and Sergey Gorshkov's images.

For our ENGLISH-speaking friends and followers, click here to be take to an online article and Sergey Gorshkov's images.

Category: Russia
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