New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year Competition closes in 3 weeks


Closing in three weeks: New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year 2015

$7000 in prize money hangs in the balance as the seventh annual New Zealand Photographer of the Year competition approaches its closing date in just three weeks—midday on July 15 2015. As usual it’s the most challenging subjects—the society and photostory categories, as well as the new one, timelapse—that have the fewest entries. Don’t leave your entry until the last minute!

 Convenor of judges James Frankham has revealed what they’re looking for; “Regardless of the category entered, if a photographer wants to win, the recipe is pretty simple. Get close to your subject and record an original image that stands apart from the crowd. Just like anyone who views a picture, the judges reward originality, engagement and connection with the subject.” 

 Once again the New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year competition is proudly sponsored by Heritage Expeditions. The winner will be exploring the New Zealand Subantarctic Islands with esteemed wildlife photographer Tui De Roy on our Subantarctic Islands in Focus voyage.

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New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year   


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