RARE FILM FOOTAGE: Remarkable changes noted on Heard Island


Film footage of Heard Island is very rare.  

The 2013 Heritage Expeditions voyage to South Indian Ocean included successful landings on Heard Island.  Undertaking a voyage to the Island is unique for many reasons including the extreme isolation, infrequent landings and visitors, and the fact that it is Australia's only active volcano and has been showing increased activity in recent months.  

We were pleased to be able to take Antarctica researcher Dr Grahame Budd back for his eighth visit to Heard Island - a place that few people ever visit.  Dr Grahame Budd first visited Heard Island in 1954 and on our recent voyage he noted that remarkable changes have taken place on the island over the years he has visited.  

View the footage of Heard Island from the Heritage Expeditions 2013 voyage, narrated by Dr Grahame Budd here.

Read the full story in the May/June 2013 issue of Australian Geographic.

Category: South Indian Ocean- Heard Island
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