Rodney's Close Encounter


This message was sent from the Spirit of Enderby to the office via satellite email, it was to good to keep to ourselves:

Dear All,

What a story we have to tell - last night we spent over an hour in the company of a Minkie  Whale  (Martin thinks it might have been a young fin whale - when you compare the two there is not alot of difference) it will be an experience that I will remember forever - the whale came to us and broke every rule in the book about human whale encounters - it crossed the line - it came alongside the zodiacs eye ball to eyeball - it touched the zodiacs - it took delight in 'blowing' right beside the zodiacs covering people with spray - it wanted to talk, it wanted to play - it wanted to interact - it entertained, it informed, there was hardly a dry eye in the boats - grown people cried at the experience  - the (our) world stood still absolutely enthralled at this wild animal encounter  - there are some amazing photos and video footage - people's lives cannot be the same after this experience - the trust that that whale put in us bound us together forever to ensure their protection - how could you hunt whales after looking into the eyes of that animal?

We have some very HAPPY passengers and staff on board.

Expedition Leader and founder of Heritage Expeditions

Category: General News
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