Scott's Last Expedition - Canterbury Museum Exhibition Nov 2012- June 2013


Canterbury Museum introduces 'Scott's Last Expedition', held at the Canterbury Museum, Christchurch, New Zealand from November 2012 to June 2013.

'One hundred years after its tragic end, Scott's last expedition to the Antarctic still resonates as a fantastic tale of endeavour and courage. In 1910, when Scott embarked on the former whaling ship Terra Nova during his second journey to explore the Antarctic, he could not have predicted it would be his last. Tragically, he and four of his colleagues died on their return from the South Pole two years later. The exhibition, Scott's Last Expedition, uncovers Scott the man, the team he brought with him to Antarctica and the details of the fascinating Terra Nova expedition. Through engaging experiences, visitors will be able to explore this historic and emotional journey from every angle.

For the first time since the epic journey in Antarctica, Scott's Last Expedition will reunite real artefacts used by Scott and his team with the rare scientific specimens they collected during the 1910-13 expedition.

The exhibition opens to the public at Canterbury Museum on Friday 23 November.'

Source- Canterbury Museum
Category: Antarctica
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