Short Film Captures the Wildness of the Subantarctic Islands


We take no responsibility for any wanderlust caused by this short movie filmed on one of our Southern Ocean expeditions!

As you will know, we're extremely passionate about the islands that lie in the Southern Ocean, including their unique flora and fauna.  These are the islands that we have been visiting and sharing with expeditioners for over 25 years on our ships Spirit of Enderby/Professor Kromov and Akademik Shokalskiy.  We love sharing remote places with others!  

We have entered this short clip (link below) in the 'Adventure Travel' film competition which closes 31 August.  The clip captures a snapshot of the wildness of the Snares Islands, Auckland Islands, Macquarie Island and Campbell Island known as the Subantarctic Islands.  


If you enjoy the viewing, feel free to vote (click 'vote' on lower right of movie once in website).  Most of all, we hope you enjoy the short film!

Click here to view the short film and vote.


©KRiedel Campbell Island Subantarctic Islands

Photo credit: K.Riedel

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