Spirit of Enderby Refurbishment


As you will have read on our Captain's Bogs recently, the Spirit of Enderby underwent quite a major ‘spruce up’ during the months of March and April this year. For those who have travelled on her previously, the most noticeable changes are to the public spaces of the bar/library, dining rooms and lecture theatre.

The bar/library now has a wonderful relaxed, cosy atmosphere – expansions to the space and a complete overhaul of the seating now provide a flexible space  where everyone can comfortably gather together to have a chat about the days events, enjoy a drink at the bar or just find a quiet space to read and catch up on emails. Updated sound and visual technology also allow staff to conduct briefings or share information in a more relaxed environment, if desired.  A fresh, crisp new look will greet you as you walk into the dining rooms - new curtains and décor have significantly brightened the rooms to match the standard of food that is served in them.

SOE Bar Library Refurbishment 2018   SOE Bar Library Refurbishment 2018

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To improve the passenger viewing experience during lectures and briefings, the lecture room has been upgraded with purpose built, theatre-style, tiered seating as well as a new sound system. This was particularly important given the strong focus that Heritage Expeditions has on education, awareness and safety while on-board. The cabins have also had some small changes to update their interiors - new linen, carpet, seat coverings and mattresses  provide a more comfortable and modern look for passengers to enjoy.

 SOE Cabin Refurbishment 2018  SOE Cabin Refurbishment 2018  SOE Lecture Theatre Refurbishment 2018

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