Subantarctic Marine Reserves Established


We are pleased to report that the three new Subantarctic marine reserves were established in the Southern Ocean yesterday. The reserves that cover 435, 000 hectares of ocean surround the Antipodes, Bounty and Camp

Conservation Minister Nick Smith, currently in the Subantarctic Islands, after having travelled there onboard the HMNZS Wellington says the 'New Zealand Subantarctic Islands are one of the most pristine places on earth and these marine reserves are about keeping them that way.'

'The marine reserve status that takes effect today means there can be no fishing, no mining, no petroleum exploration and no marine farming in these waters'

Source New Marine Reserves Set Up in Subantarctic - 2 March 2014. 

Learn more about the establishment of the Subantarctic Marine Reserves by clicking on the links below  

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