Successful Hatching of 20 Spoonbilled Sandpiper Eggs Gives Hope for Species


Fantastic news today from the 'Spoonbilled Sandpiper Team' in Far East Russia.

Twenty critically-endangered Spoonbilled Sandpipers have hatched in the last week or so.  As part of the conservation project to bring this species back from extinction, the eggs were removed from the wild to protect them from predators and extreme weather.

As a Birdlife International Species Champion and ship operator in the Far East Russian region, Heritage Expeditions has been part of the conservation project for many years and continues to offer logistical help to the quest to save this species.  We also offer opportunities for expeditioners to be actively involved in the Search for the Spoonbilled Sandpiper on voyage such as 'In the Wake of Bering'. 

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24 hours old - Spoonbilled Sandpiper Chick

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