True Young Explorer Scholarships are Open


Inviting Applications for 2018/19 True Young Explorer Scholarships.

An opportunity to experience true expedition travel to some of the most remote and pristine environments in the world


True Young Explorer Scholarships provide opportunities specifically for young people to experience true expedition travel to some of the most remote, pristine and wildlife rich areas in the world; in the hope that recipients are inspired to draw on their experience and raise the profile of these regions for the benefit of future generations.

Some of the first expeditions that Heritage Expeditions ran, were to the Subantarctic Islands and the Southern Ocean. They continue to be a vital part of their expedition itinerary each year and True Young Explorer Scholarship recipients are being given the opportunity to travel on a select number of voyages this coming season. Travelling aboard the Spirit of Enderby, recipients will get the opportunity to join with our other passengers as well as an incredibly experienced expedition team of naturalists, biologists and historians on a trip of a lifetime.

Enderby Island - NZ Subantarctic Islands

                                                                                                                                            © Heritage Expeditions


For the last 30 years, Heritage Expeditions has pioneered conservation-driven voyages as a way of increasing awareness and conservation of the natural world through responsible expedition travel. Founded by the Russ Family, Heritage Expeditions has grown from humble beginnings into an internationally recognised company who has an extensive expedition programme from the Antarctic to the Artic and many locations in-between. Still proudly family owned and operated, the principle of creating ‘ambassadors’ that advocate and support conservation in the regions that Heritage Expeditions’ travels to, remains at the forefront of their business. 


Yellow-eyed Penguin - NZ Subantarctic Islands

                                                                                                                                                             © R. Sagar

Applicant Requirements

Open to applicants aged 18-30 years, who would otherwise be unable to travel to the Southern Ocean.

Successful applicants are expected to make a contribution to the expedition cost. This equates to 30% of the advertised cost of the expedition. 

Successful applicants are required to submit a presentation in a mutually agreed style on a topic of their choice from their expedition experience within three months of their travel. Recipients are reminded that a goal of the True Young Explorer Scholarships is to encourage greater interest in and understanding of the Southern Ocean, its landscapes, history and biological diversity. 

Application Process

In less than four hundred words you must state why you should receive a scholarship and how the experience will benefit both you and the Southern Ocean region. Creativity & passion is encouraged, so let this shine through in your application. Applications can be submitted in the medium that best suits you!

Applications should include:

1) Full name and Date of Birth (proof of age may be required)

2) Address including daytime/after hours telephone numbers and email

3) Expedition applied for (Name and Departure Date)

4) Where you heard about the True Young Explorer Scholarships 

5) 400 word or less scholarship submission (see above)

6) Name and address of one referee

7) Declaration that you have sufficient funds to pay the contribution required.

Individual applications may include more than one expedition, please preference the order of your interest.


Submit applications to:

True Young Explorer Scholarship

P.O. Box 7218,

Christchurch 8240



Closing date for applications:

Galapagos of the Southern Ocean #1862 – Wednesday 31st October 2018

Beyond Fiordland #1864, Galapagos of the Southern Ocean #1866 – Sunday 11th November 2018

True Young Explorer is offering scholarships on the following expeditions this season with Heritage Expeditions. 


Galapagos of the Southern Ocean

29 November – 11 December 2018, Dunedin to Invercargill, New Zealand. #1862

Advertised price: US$8,300 pp. Cost to successful applicant: US$2,490. Closing date for applications: Wednesday 31st October 2018


Galapagos of the Southern Ocean*

22 December 2018 – 03 January 2019, Invercargill to Invercargill, New Zealand. #1866 

Advertised price: US$8,300 pp. Cost to successful applicant: US$2,490. Closing date for applications: Sunday 11th November 2018


Long recognised for their rich biodiversity, the Subantarctic Islands lying to the south of New Zealand are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This annual Southern Ocean expedition will appeal to those who are interested in birds, nature, botany and history. A vast array of wildlife including albatross, penguins, petrels, prions and marine mammals like sea lions, fur seals and elephant seals can be seen. The flora is equally fascinating; the majority of it being endemic to these islands. Galapagos of the Southern Ocean explores the three main island groups of Auckland, Macquarie and Campbell Islands and allows participants to experience the astounding biodiversity and importance of these islands as a wildlife refuge. This expedition will forever change your appreciation of the Southern Ocean and its wildlife. (The Trustees will also pay the applicable landing fees of US$800 pp)

*Kayaking option not available.


Beyond Fiordland: New Zealand’s Wildest Islands

12 – 22 December 2018, Invercargill to Invercargill, New Zealand. #1864 

Advertised price: US$6,995 pp. Cost to successful applicant: US$2,099. Closing date for applications: Sunday 11th November 2018


The New Zealand islands that these voyages visit are among the most remarkable wildlife reserves in the Southern Ocean, they are remote, uninhabited and on no regular shipping route. Exploring the forgotten islands of The Snares, Auckland and Campbell Islands we share in the world of the albatross, penguins and myriad seabirds that call these waters theirs, and the islands home for breeding. Beyond Fiordland is timed to coincide with megaherb flowering time this voyage provides an opportunity to those with zoological, ornithological and botanical interests. This expedition will visit New Zealand’s third island – Stewart Island – a place of tranquillity and untouched bushland, rich in history and wildlife. We will also explore the remote ice-carved mountains, verdant forests and winding fiords of Fiordland, sailing through beautiful fiords and landscapes. (The Trustees will also pay the applicable landing fees of US$400 pp). 

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