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Yesterday the Spirit of Enderby visited Manus Island during its annual Melanesia Discoverer voyage, on these programs Heritage Expeditions operate an innovative and unique customised birding program which sees keen birders maximising birding opportunities while visiting some of the most remote and spectacular islands of Melanesia. And yesterday was no exception, with birders heading ashore at dawn from the Spirit of Enderby to bird the forests around Rossun Village. Here is the report on the day from our onboard expert Adam Walleyn and the photo below was taken by Dr Randolph Rudland.

The birders had an incredible day on Manus Island today.  We started out in the forests around Rossun village and were very pleased to find the rare Manus Monarch.  Just before leaving the forest we heard the stunningly beautiful, rare and much-wanted Superb Pitta calling in the distance.  After a bit of strategising and manoeuvring we all got fantastic, lengthy looks at this very difficult bird and in the end walked away with the bird still showing very well!  We continued to tick our way through the island’s endemics and capped off the morning with some great views of Nicobar Pigeons.  Amazingly there was one more massive highlight in store when in the afternoon we saw the poorly known Manus Fantail, a species only known from six small islands and this was not one of the six – what a find!

©R Rudland Superb Pitta

Experience this unique world and see new and unique island endemics every day by joining Heritage Expeditions’ Melanesia Discoverer and Secrets of Melanesia voyages. Last year’s Melanesia Discoverer expedition saw 196 species, this year is shaping up to be just as good, if not better. Now is the time to secure your place for 2016 with places filling fast. Experience the thrill of birding a new island everyday, enjoy early mornings and full days ashore, resulting in seeing more species than any other comparable trips...and all from the comfort of the Spirit of Enderby!

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