Western Pacific Odyssey 2018


Our iconic 31-day Western Pacific Odyssey is back in action for 2018!

Tauranga, New Zealand to Yokohama, Japan 17th March - 16th April 2018
Sail from New Zealand to Japan on an expedition voyage that targets the Pelagic bird species of the Western Pacific and includes visits to many of the Pacific’s birding hot spots en-route including New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and Micronesia.
We have been granted special permission to make landfall at Japan’s Bonin Islands which allows us to sail through Torishima’s fabled inshore waters giving the best opportunities for sightings of the endemic Short-tailed Albatross.

Our epic transpacific birding expedition has been reworked with advice from Heritage Expeditions experienced birding team and we believe this reworked voyage will be the best yet with seldom visited islands and additional birding time at pelagic hot spots to give the best opportunities to see birds including New Zealand Storm Petrel, Kagu, Roviana Rail, Beck's Petrel and Japanese Murrelett amongst many others.
For a full itinerary please visit our website or speak to your local birding expedition provider and we will see you in Tauranga on March 17, 2018.
The old favourite itinerary has a few new stops as recommended by our resident bird experts and the new “WPO” will now offer stops at Chichi-Jima, Haha-Jima and Miyake-Jima.

Western Pacific Odyssey 2018 Bonin Islands

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