'Wild Russia' National Geographic documentary showcases Far East Russia


'Wild Russia' is a six-episode National Geographic documentary series shown on the National Geographic and Animal Planet television channels and is also out on DVD.  It was first released in 2009.

Exploring the wild and remote regions of Russia and showcasing the range of wildlife at its very best, the cinematography in this series is spectacular.  Both the 'Kamchatka' and 'The Arctic' episodes feature our voyage destinations. Factual, informative and inspiring, the series is an invaluable resource for those interested in visiting and those who are passionate about the true wilderness areas of the world.  The natural daily life of polar bears, walrus, arctic foxes and snow geese on arctic Wrangel Island, Kamchatka Brown Bears in the Valley of the Geysers on Kamchatka Peninsula - these scenes are definitely easy to watch over and over.

You can view exclusive video footage and photos from the series, and find out how and when to view the series on TV.  For UK click here.  For Asia click here.

Click here to see our range of Far East Russia voyages, including Kamchatka and arctic Wrangel Island.


(c) KOvsyanikova Polar Bear Wrangel Island

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