Wrangel Island - background to the island and recent National Geographic feature


Wrangel Island.  One of the most northerly and most isolated islands on the planet.  Far into the Arctic, above mainland Russia, we visit this remote 91km long island at least twice every year on our Across the Top of the World voyages.  It has an abundance of polar wildlife including high numbers of Polar Bears, Walrus, and Musk Oxen.  


National Geographic have featured Wrangel Island in their May 2013 issue - writer Hampton Sides words are combined with Sergey Gorshkov's fantastic images to give a real taste of what the island is like.  


Click here to read a short article from 'the picture show' filled with information (in collaboration with Nat Geo magazine) about Wrangel Island and top photographer Sergey Gorshkov.


(c) KOvsyanikova Musk Oxen Wrangel Island


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