Wrangel Island Experience included in National Geographic Traveler's Top 50


Wrangel Island Experience included in National Geographic Traveler's Top 50, Follow in the Footsteps of the Great Explorers - Amundsen, Scott and Shackleton. 2016 Russian Far East open for bookings.

"We once again want to thank you for the great experience on our Across the Top of the World expedition. We had a marvellous time and were well looked after - both in hospitality and Polar Bears." - John, past traveller.

Heritage Expeditions pioneered expeditions to Russia's Wrangel Island. As we've transported more and more expeditioners to this remote and wild part of the world, word has spread throughout the community of international travellers seeking authentic travel experiences.  We're pleased to announce that our Across the Top of the World Expeditions to Wrangel Island have been included in National Geographic's Top 50 Tours of A Lifetime for 2015.

Curious travellers can also take the opportunity to travel across the interior of Wrangel Island, a privilege few people have been lucky enough to experience. Exploring the interior of the island by six wheel Tundra vehicle for three days, the Overland Traverse is a photographer’s dream, with rolling tundra, incredible vistas and a range of wildlife including curious polar bears, stunning snowy owls, arctic foxes, musk oxen and more.

Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime experience! Cabins are still available to experience Wrangel Island August 2015. Cut off dates apply so contact us today!

Perfect for those interested in Polar History, this extended 35 day voyage to the Ross Sea in February 2016 will travel further south than any other Antarctic expedition cruise this season. Very few expeditions have ventured to the Bay of Whales, which was home to Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen's Framheim base. Expeditioners will travel with descendents of the early explorers as we follow the polar achievements of Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen. With 14 days in the Antarctic, there will be plenty of time to visit explorer's huts, scientific bases, penguin rookies, ice shelves and more. Limited berths are available. These will get snapped up quickly, so contact us today for more information.

Our 2016 Calendar of Expeditions in the Russian Far East is now open for booking. Cruise the geothermic Kuril Islands, venture into the icy Sea of Okhotsk, explore the Kamchatka Coast or head right up to the Russian Arctic. All expeditions are now open for booking and can be viewed here, in the Russian Far East section of our website.

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                                                            ©A Breniere Polar Bears Exploring Wrangel Island   

©A Breniere

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