Wrangel Island Overland Traverse 2014


In co-operation with the Wrangel Island Nature Reserve we are excited to offer a limited number of seats on a very special Overland Traverse through the heart of this incredible landscape.
For curious explorers who join us to circumnavigate Wrangel Island on our Across the Top of the World voyages, there is no reason to just wonder what lies beyond the coast, over the crest of the hills and mountains. The High Arctic environment that very few people will ever experience is now accessible and exclusively available to passengers travelling with Heritage Expeditions on both ‘Across the Top of the World’ expeditions. We are offering a limited number of seats on four very special 3-day (2-night) Overland Traverses. Transport is by a six wheel Russian built Tundra vehicle brought to the island in 2010. Each traverse is led by Rangers from Wrangel Island. We have been operating these traverses since 2011 and those who have been lucky enough to participate literally ‘raved’ over their experiences. Numbers are strictly limited; we encourage you to book early to avoid disappointment.

Category: Russia

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