Wrangle Island update, New Voyages and South Pacific Odyssey Revamp


An update from Wrangel Island, FIVE 2016/17 Antarctic Expeditions, New Voyages Alert, South Pacific Odyssey Itinerary Revamp.

WRANGEL ISLAND CONTINUES TO AMAZE....                      

Our ship, the Spirit of Enderby, was the only tourist vessel to visit the wildlife sanctuary of Wrangel Island this summer. Earlier this year, National Geographic Traveler voted our Across the Top of the World voyage to Wrangel Island one of its tours of a lifetime. Judging from the reports from the Captain's Blog  and expeditioners and from photos snapped on board the Spirit of Enderby this season, it is not hard to see why......

"As we departed there were definitely tears in some eyes – once Wrangel is in your blood it is never easy to leave and more than a few on this expedition have been affected. We had a brilliant last couple days which included some unforgettable experiences like the Polar Bear on an ice floe that allowed us to get fairly close while it was feeding on a freshly killed seal. Then there was the Zodiac cruise in fog around the bird cliffs at Dragi Bay last night and a close encounter this morning with a Snowy Owl, herds of Muskoxen on the tundra and an Arctic Fox........"  Captain's Blog 29 July 2015

"Dear Rodney and staff and crew,
We now have our feet on the ground after being literally and metaphorically on top of the world on the Wrangel Island trip. Thank you so much for all that you put into it, both on the ship and behind the scenes. It is obvious to us that you live and breathe a love of the natural environment and that, like the Enderby family, the Russ family has found a way to nurture this spirit in others and awaken the world to the need to cherish and preserve its treasures......" [Read More]
Warm Regards,
Paul and Jacquie (travelled 3rd August 2015)


'This is the final report from the final expedition of the 2015 Russian Far East season which has been arguably our best season in every respect. The wildlife viewing has been exceptional and our cultural exchanges this year have reached a new level. The genuine warmth of the locals has shone through in their welcomes and they have treated us as a respected part of their communities. For me it is hugely rewarding because is shows that the efforts we have made as a company to make an ongoing commitment to support and engage with the peoples of this region is reciprocated. We plan to return next year in the knowledge that this special relationship will only grow and prosper.'

Rodney Russ - 11 September 2015
Biologist, Founder of Heritage Expeditions, Expedition Leader and Lecturer


The Chukotka region of Russia is almost completely unknown to the outside world and the few expeditions that have travelled here have reported some amazing habitats including tundra, braided rivers, estuaries, lagoons and wetlands, plus a number of spectacular seabird breeding islands. Chukotka is home to the highest number of bird species in the whole of the Eurasian Arctic and there are more wader species breeding here than anywhere else in the world.
Travel with a world class team of birders and ornithologists  including  Evgeny Syroechkovskiy, Elena Lappo and Chris Collins.

Experience the wonder of the icy continent with Heritage Expeditions. Next season we will be offering five voyages to the Subantarctic and Antarctica, departing from both New Zealand and Australia. There's never been a better time to explore one of the most spectacular regions on earth. Be accompanied by esteemed guides such as Dr Huw Lewis- Jones, a historian of exploration, previous curator at the Scott Polar Research Institute and and the National Maritime Museum in London. Huw frequently appears in the media, most recently as onscreen expert in the BBC documentaries Wilderness Explored, Frank Wild: Antarctica's Forgotten Hero and Of Ice and Men. Visit our Antarctic page for more information on our upcoming Antarctic voyages.



Combine the wildlife of Wrangel Island with the culture of the Arctic Games on this voyage that has it all. On this special Chukotka expedition we will meet the people; see and listen to their stories and learn of their love for and strong connection with the land and the sea. We will celebrate with them at their annual Regatta and Festival. Chukotka's vast expansive tundra with its wild flowers and dwarf tree species is awaiting our exploration. We will watch for brown bears, reindeer, Arctic Foxes, ground squirrels, if we are lucky we may also see a Wolverine. We will explore Wrangel Island with its Polar Bears, walrus and rich Arctic history and at sea we will keep a look out for whales.



The South West Pacific Odyssey (previously the Western Pacific Odyssey) is one of Heritage Expeditions' signature expeditions. Over the years the Spirit of Enderby has transported hundreds of enthusiastic travellers from New Zealand north through the South Pacific. This season, we've revamped the itinerary slightly -  reducing sea days and adding in New Caledonia's Loyalty Islands, the Solomon Islands'  Santa Ana, the Shortland Islands and Barora Fa Island all without compromising on the experience.

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