Exploring Kunashir Island

8 June, 2019

Narcissus Flycatcher, Kunashir, C.Collins

Image: (c) C.Collins

The dawn of another beautiful day in the southern Kuril Islands, Day 12 on 'Russia's Ring of Fire' saw us moored off Kunashir Island. After a short Zodiac ride we are standing alongside rangers on a beach in the Kurilsky Reserve where expeditioners had the option to join groups on a short or medium birding walk, long walkers and beach dwellers. The long walkers headed to a lookout point about 350m above sea level for spectacular views down to the ship and surrounding mountains. Both the medium and short birding walks had great success with Mandarin Ducks, Narcissus Flycatcher, Black Woodpecker and even a Blakiston's Fish Owl spotted.

This evening's celebratory farewell dinner concluded what has been another exceptional voyage and brilliant start to our Russian Far East season. Tomorrow morning we will dock at the Port of Korskov on Sakhalin Island, where we will farewell our guests and prepare Spirit of Enderby for our upcoming adventure in the Sea of Okhotsk.


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