Zodiac Cruising the Volcanic Cliffs of Chirpoy Island

6 June, 2019

Pigeon Guillemot_L.Gwynn

Image: (c) L.Gwynn

Waking to the dramatic outline and accompanying sulfur smell of volcanic Chirpoy Island, Day 10 on our 'Russia's Ring of Fire' saw us enjoying a pre-breakfast Zodiac cruise of these spectacular soaring cliffs as Pigeon Guillemot and Black-legged Kittiwakes watched from above. Horned Puffins and a lone Steller's Sea Lion also made an appearance but it was the rugged charms of this volcanic island that took centre stage.

Changing weather conditions saw us ship cruise Urup Island before setting sail for Iturup Island where we encountered a Sperm whale which ushered us on our journey with a wave of its massive tail and left us in awe of the sheer size of this impressive cetacean and providing much to talk about in the bar before dinner this evening.

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