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Fitness Levels

Our expeditions are suitable for travellers with a wide range of fitness levels, we have voyages specifically tailored to those looking for an active adventure with opportunities to hike, climb, kayak, camp and even scuba dive. If however you are inclined to explore Antarctica at a slightly more sedate pace we have the voyage for you as well, ships where you every need aboard will be catered to and off ship explorations are designed to allow for the maximum experienceces of the wildlife and scenery using the ships zodiacs and making short walks ashore.

The great thing about an expedition voyage to Antarctica is that no matter your fitness level and motivation for activity you will have the experience of a lifetime, we have had the priviledge of organising voyages for mountain climbers and extreme skiers as well as travellers confined to wheelchairs plus of course many who fall between these extremes. All were able to see and experience the majesty of Antarctica, witness its unique wildlife and have the trip of a lifetime.

Our experienced team are here to assist with any questions you may have about appropriate ships for your activity level, you are welcome to browse the options on our site but don't hesitate to drop us a message or call if you would like to discuss matters in more detail!