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NZ: 0800 945 3327

How We Operate

At Antarctic Expeditions we work closely with our expedition operators, but importantly we are not an operator ourselves. This allows us the privileged position of working with you, to find your ideal voyage, not just the next voyage which we have departing. Please take the opportunity to use our website to search the available options and compare your alternatives, if you have questions at any stage we are always more than happy to hear from you and discuss your options. ..Don’t feel like searching through the website then just call or email, tell us what you are looking for and let our experience provide you with some recommendations.

Our experience and relationships mean more options and benefits for you, overtime ships can move from one operator to another, but in many cases we also work with the new operator as well, so if you have a favourite you would like to travel on again check out the options we have available and you might just find what you were looking for. Looking for an expedition that spends more time in South Georgia, visits Mawson’s Hut or maybe even Bouvet Island? These options are all possible and many others, even if there isn’t an expedition scheduled we can preregister you for advance notification of the next expedition. 

For the sake of transparency you will find the prices on our website quoted in the ships base currency, in addition to the base currency we also except payment in Australian and New Zealand and if there is currency conversions these are done at the banks exchange rate on the day, so by booking with Antarctic Expeditions you don’t pay a cent more than you need.