Kayaking Available on Select Heritage Expeditions departures

The Spirit of Enderby heads to the most wildlife rich, unique and remote areas of the planet. Sea kayaking is a perfect way to explore the coastlines of the areas where we visit. A sea kayaking optional add-on is now available on selected expeditions in the South Pacific

Kayaking in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu 

In the South Pacific we are often escorted by children in their dugout canoes. Join our experienced kayak guide as we launch our kayaks from the Spirit of Enderby which acts as a floating base camp for special excursions and shore landings. 

Cruising in a small group of about 6 to 10 paddlers and led by our experienced guide, we will generally visit the same sites as the Zodiacs but be more independent and perhaps access areas not appropriate for Zodiacs. Each day brings new challenges and fresh experiences to our small band of kayakers. In the South Pacific, our kayaks are a source of fascination to the locals and a magnet for children who paddle their dug-out canoes out to join us and invite us back to their villages.

Our kayaks are easy to manoeuvre but you do need to have some experience to participate in this activity. Weather and ocean currents need to be considered when kayaking in this environment and negotiating them requires some skill. If you are a beginner we strongly recommend you take some lessons prior to the voyage. Add fitness, fun and another dimension to your expedition experience by joining the band of paddlers on one of these special expeditions.

Kayaking is available on the following expeditions:

Melanesia Discoverer - The waters of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands provide the perfect opportunity for kayaking.  Kayaking Supplement $995 per person.

Secrets of Melanesia - Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Glide across the warm, tropical waters as the marine life plays underneath. Meet local children in dugout canoes and explore inaccesible islands. Kayaking Supplement $915 per person.

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