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Kayaking in Antarctica   

Kayaking is an increasingly popular activity during Antarctic Expeditions and provides a great a way to discover the regions beauty and wildlife from a different perspective and at your own pace. The option of kayaking is available aboard a number of our ships and falls into two broad categories, there are voyages where the kayaking is included in the cruise cost and those where there is an additional supplement to pay for those wishing to participate in the kayaking program. Generally speaking the kayaking offered with a supplement will be more adventurous and active than when it is included in the cruise cost.  If you are considering adding kayaking to your Antarctic experience we would suggest that you have some prior kayaking experience (particularly if you are considering the more adventurous kayaking options) to ensure that you maximise the time you have in Antarctica and the experiences available to you.

All the additional equipment that you will need for kayaking in a polar environment will be provided by the ship, you will just need to provide the warm under layers and your sense of adventure. The ship will provide any other equipment they deem to be necessary for their Antarctic Kayaking programs.