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Its not all that Cold

While Antarctica is the coldest continent on earth, you are unlikely to experience temperatures below -3°C on an Antarctic Expedition. On a typical day the temperature will be between 0°C and +5°C

Whale Watching

There are good chances to see Minke & Orca Whales throughout the summer but the stars of the show are the Humpback Whales which are present from Christmas onwards normally.

Less Rolling?

Some ships offer more stability than others for crossing Drake Passage, typically those with fin stabilizers offer the greatest stability. Our team can tell you which will give the most stable ride!

Dress for Success

Layers is the key to successful dressing on an Antarctic Expedition excursion – the weather changes quickly and you need to be able to warm up or cool down accordingly. We recommend Merino under layers and…read more

Don't Forget to Pack

Sunscreen is probably the most overlooked item when packing for an Antarctic Expedition, with the snow reflecting the sun you can be burnt very quickly…read more

Maximise your time Ashore

Under IAATO guidelines no more than 100 passengers are allowed ashore at any one time, to maximise your time ashore travel on ships with 100 passengers or less. Talk to our knowledgeable team today to find out more

South Georgia - Well worth it!

An Antarctic Expedition which includes the Falkland Islands and South Georgia is usually cheaper per day than Antarctica only, and well worth the additional time and money.

Sit awhile and soak it all in

As tempting as it may be to race on a landing to see as much as possible, sitting quietly in one place will usually result in more and better observations.