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What if I get Seasick

The Southern Ocean and the Drake Passage in particular have a reputation for being turbulent with good reason, compared to most oceans the prevailing conditions are rougher than most. Having said that it is by no means a given that you will expereince stormy conditions when sailing to Antarctica, you should however be prepared that you may experience some motion on the ocean!

If seasickness is a concern it does not mean that you shouldn't go but it does mean that you should potentially give greater consideration to the ship that you travel on and the comfort of the ride that each ship offers. Not all ships are created equal in terms of their ocean going comforts, many of the more modern vessels are equipped with external fin stabilisers which considerably reduce that amount of motion experienced. These are only able to be deployed in the open ocean but that is where you will encounter the large swells, the fins project from the side of the ship and reduce the side to side rolling. 

Consideration should also be given to being prepared with the best medication, not all seasickness medication works equally well for all people. If there is something that you know works, then stick with the tried and true, if you are unsure we suggest bringing a couple of types. If taking medication then start taking that medication when you board the ship in Ushuaia to allow it to start working before encountering the Southern Ocean!

If you want to avoid the ocean crossing completely we have a range of Fly & Cruise programs that allow you to fly from Punta Arenas directly to King George Island in the South Shetland Islands.